We are very glad to see each of you, your interest, your questions. Never hesitate to contact our sales manager for advice. We do our best to help you choose exactly your scent, gift set or candle.

Are you traveling or living in Tuscany??

Or maybe you are planning to come further?

We are glad to see you all!

And we are so happy that we are here in Tuscany, in Cortona. In places of such great power that trying to become aware can make your head spin. And being here will definitely be remembered for a lifetime and will bring a lot of new and interesting things to your collection of knowledge. After all, enormous power is concentrated in these places: 

  • the power of cultural heritage, 
  • historical heritage, 
  • the power of nature.                          

Museums, churches, ancient palazzos and residences, art galleries, an ancient stone wall that frames the city itself with its mighty gates. Forests, valley, fields with vineyards and much more, mountains, flower gardens, the largest lake in Central Italy.

Just realize, our first store is located in the heart of the ancient city of Cortona, which is over 2000 years old. The city, called among the people “Grandmother of Rome”! Cortona is perhaps the most ancient city in Italy. According to legend, it was founded by Noah’s son, Crano, 273 years after the Flood.

Our second store is located in Camucia. As soon as you open the door to it, a fragrant, fresh and sweet, and such a pleasant wave of perfume will wash over you. It’s like a concentration of feminine energy, feminine charm…

And it is famous not only for its large selection of products, but also for warm meetings at master classes on making aromatic, natural soap and candles.

As well as the lively preparation of custom gifts, wedding floral arrangements and much more.

Be sure to come visit one of our stores. 

You will find the addresses in the “Contacts” section.