Handcrafted, very elegant and natural room perfumes with diffusers that generate magical unforgettable atmosphere


Illuminate and perfume your moments with natural handmade the best quality soy wax candles. Is also in line with vegan principles.


Perfumed non-colored sprays for room in a glass bottle. You can easily apply the aroma to any furniture and freshen the air in any type of room.

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The nature of Italy is very rich, diverse, beautiful and fragrant with a variety of notes. We were born here, we are inspired. And with gratitude and respect we want to share this miracle with you. All the most beautiful things from Italy with love and passion.


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Rated 5 out of 5
I heard this scent in a cosmetology clinic and just immediately fell in love. Such a refined, elegant, expensive, wine notes, fruits did not leave me indifferent. I was excited to buy it and started looking on the Internet. I found the website, placed an order, was happy that is very easy to do. And am already enjoying this gorgeous scent. My whole family immediately loved the fragrance. We placed it in the living room, and the smell can be heard even in the kitchen. Now this is a special joy. I highly recommend it to those who cannot choose something specific or as a gift, but want to guess with perfume, this scent is what you need!


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