How to use an fragrance diffuser with sticks

The word “diffuser” comes from the Latin word diffusion, which means “dispersion”.

An aroma diffuser is a simple solution for filling your rooms with a pleasant aroma.

It includes three components:

    • a glass bottle with a narrow neck,
    • liquid incense,
    • natural, most effective, rattan sticks. The sticks are made from materials with a porous structure, so they quickly absorb liquid and diffuse the aroma.

If, when ordering, you subsequently did not have enough sticks for the period of use of the diffuser, you can always order more sticks on this website.


To make your home or office sparkle with a new fragrance, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

    • carefully remove the aroma diffuser from the box, open the lid (and it is better to save it so that you can always close the bottle if necessary);
    • insert 3-5 sticks into the bottle;
    • place the diffuser on a flat surface closer to the center of the room. But where is it better to place the diffuser, we’ll talk separately, because this is a very individual point;
    • add sticks (if you want to increase the intensity of the aroma)
    • IMPORTANT! Dip the sticks on one side in the liquid and turn them over to spread the aroma faster throughout the room.

The diffuser for aromatizing rooms should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as the essential oils included in the liquid are oxidized.

If the aroma weakens, you need to periodically turn the sticks over every 2-3 days, and replace them with new ones every 2-3 months.

On average, perfumed liquid lasts for 3-4 months. But there are many nuances here, depending on the size of your priority bottle, the location you choose and the type of perfume.

It is important to consider that the temperature and humidity level of the environment greatly influence the evaporation of incense, and the higher these indicators are, the faster it is consumed. The same happens when the air conditioners are turned on.

When the liquid in the perfume runs out, you can always purchase it from our website or in the store in economical packaging, since you already have a glass bottle.

Enjoy using our fragrance diffusers.

We hope you found this information helpful.